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Mom’s gonna work!

This semester I became a TA, unfortunate … 继续阅读

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saturday nonbbiri

i did everything possible to rescue the … 继续阅读

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经常会看到一些25岁30岁xx岁要牢记的n条准则之类的。条目之琐碎之繁复之无用之 … 继续阅读

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the first time I screwed up important things in the past three weeks

I missed the flight tonight to Austin co … 继续阅读

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talking about ancient link

sunday when i was at the crowded apple c … 继续阅读

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a raining day

I went to the lecture by a big name in t … 继续阅读

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Mr. Luck

I always admire YY; she works as a lawye … 继续阅读

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