talking about ancient link

sunday when i was at the crowded apple center, taking out my laptop, someone was in suprise: is that the 12-inch one?  i replied, yes man, it is THE ancient legend.
i just adore my 6-yr old mac pro, even it was still in the status of vegetable.
tonight i dug up my notebook where i used to jot down my thoughts, inspirations and long stories.  years ago i have began to write my stories in another blog and 2 years ago that blog site crushed about 6 yrs of writing just gone without a trace.  and today i have to pick up the pen again and handwrite any possible plot, episod, script i might have, just like yrs ago, i wrote the first chapter of that long story.  when i went through what i wrote for those years, i felt nostalgic, of course, and i could see me more clearly from a distance.
when i was 20, i wrote about the epilogue of the long story as being 40, have had an ex-husband, a daughter, and a person I love and live with, and a secret.
when i was 20, i wrote about going to tokyo with a small suitcase, empty hands and a pair of skinny jeans in my 25.
when i was 20, i was always clinged to my loneliness, my seemlingly hurt wounds from the past, and my fancy fairy tales between prince and cinderella.
i don’t even have the courage to read stories written before 20….    a lot of things are changed and something still not changed
but that young girl has gone, finally i realized.
sitting here, with all of the stories, I felt like an old woman already

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