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Missions Accomplished

我在狂热的做Ito Jakuchu的presentation,一遍遍阅读所有的材 … 继续阅读

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fun in the studies

Reading about Jakuchu, who was said to b … 继续阅读

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"Oh yangyu certainly had a crush on … 继续阅读

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Talking about Art and Architecture- Introduction and 1st Question – Gloria Yu YANG

Thinking about tradition is interesting. … 继续阅读

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you must be on cloud nine right now? 于是两 … 继续阅读

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2010 Summer: Imagination

Plan Perfect: there is no plan perfect&# … 继续阅读

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Random Thoughts, inspried by the Readings for the Intellectual History of Edo Japan

What if the Modern period in Japan start … 继续阅读

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