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a brief note about home

i was shoked when i found out that the P … 继续阅读

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last night in Japan

I couldnt believe it…. i am leavin … 继续阅读

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what the hell

today i got an email from my department. … 继续阅读

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今天看到艳艳的照片,吓我好大一跳。原先比我头发还短飚起来比我还愣的假小子,突然之 … 继续阅读

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虽然好像一直活在异次元空间,但是现实还是把我夹个正着。 纽约的公寓被换掉,气。 … 继续阅读

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东京 夏季的风物诗

日本人对于季节更迭的敏感,世界第一。 春赏樱花秋观红叶,夏天放烟花跳盆舞。每个季 … 继续阅读

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arrived in tokyo

arrived in tokyo. so exhausted.  

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the last night in kyoto

tomorrow morning leave kyoto, then go to … 继续阅读

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just occur to me: part 1

the best time of Pittsburgh in a day is … 继续阅读

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yesterday i visited the northeast side o … 继续阅读

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