the first time I screwed up important things in the past three weeks

I missed the flight tonight to Austin completely, so I spent 350 dollars of air ticket for nothing, and 1 night hotel for nothing, and 75 dollars of registration fee for nothing and I lost some credits to my professional career in the Southwest of US, I guess i won’t get any good review in 5 years there.
That is the first time I screwed up some big event in the past three weeks.
that’s not true.

I have one incomplete from last semester and even now I still has no way to finish the paper.
I haven’t turned in my summer report to the dept even the deadline has passed far ago.
I did not turn in my master paper which is due yesterday and i probably won’t get my master degree until feb. which will certainly make certain faculties unsatisfied about my performance and I have to work really hard to change that bad impression.

Joe has a good comment about the graduate school life: it is made of series of public failures. 

life is hard, isn’t?


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1 Response to the first time I screwed up important things in the past three weeks

  1. Lin说道:

    remedies:1. Call the airline and the hotel and tell them you cant make the trip due to an "emergency". Ask for store credit. 30min2. Contact the organizer of the conference letting them know that you weren’t on that flight and you can’t find another flight to fly out. Apologize and mean it. If possible, find someone to present the paper (aka read) on your behalf. 15min3. Write thank you card to your contact at the conference and mail it. Do not be specific on why you couldn’t get on that flight. 15min4. Prepare thanks-giving and christmas card for these ppl too.


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