update: the first bat on the field

my computer is still dead, i mean, VERY dead. because i havent sent it to the apple store.
i had a busy weekend, as i planned. 
Since last Thursday i began to revise my paper; a 20 pages full of craps on a school computer.  Friday morning I went to school to continue the paper until 10:15AM then went a visit to upper west side looking at some "collection," my eyes now can discern the very best and the very worthless works.  1pm back to compus working on my paper, 2:30pm halt a texi to penn station, 3:00pm the bolt bus left for Boston.
It was a long, uncomfortable trip, but i managed to get a little rest.  At 7:40pm arrived at Boston south station, hugging Hao.
Boston is different from New York.  Boston people they live a life, whereas New York people they performance a show.  Boston people in their jeans and big hoody, happy and content, whereas me, in a pair of jeans with black shirt and black jacket was the most drssy person on the whole train.  I love Boston.
went to Chinatown for a dinner with Hao. He has not changed a lot, and I realized my character was really bad a couple years ago. 
boston is a more livable place than new york, having nice apts at a reasonable price.  large windows and space.  I borrowed Hao’s computer and worked on my paper until 2AM.
I got up at 5:20AM on Sat., got out of the door at 6:05AM and found out it was raining.  without an umbrella, I was runing to the station covered by my jacket.  6:30 to the south station, and 6:45 the first train heading to brown university, I was in my suit dress all wet.
but i had a nice breakfast on the train and went over my presentation again.
7:50 Brown university station; heavy rain. the ladies who shared with me the ride happened to be art historians; one at harvard one at MFA and it turned out we both have common colleagues: what a small world…. 
i thought it was a grad. student conference but actually there were mainly young scholars and grad students in their last year wrapping up the dissertation; i was the youngest one.  although i felt that i should have come here especially in my panel, there was one assistant prof, one grad student wrapping her dissertation and one post-doc, i managed to give an coherent presentation. it was a little embarrasing when i received a namecard with only replied with "sorry i didnot have any" words.
the roundtable after my session, was definitely the highlight of the whole conference: it was on the modern japanese architecture.  listening to young scholars’ recent projects and their discussions assured me that the world is big: I stuck in new york busy polishing myself but i forgot that the world needs me to open up my mind and think out of the box.  the prof. from gerogetown univ, he is just so so bright! i was very very happy after a whole morning’s sessions.
12:40pm I left the conference, changed to jeans and dashed in pouring rain to kennedy plaza, my flat shoes were soaked, and me too.
anyway, i was totally wet, and got on the peter-pan bus heading back to nyc. on my way back, i wrote Frank a long, long email, full of my tubulous emotions.
back to town at 5, back to apt at 5:50, got a shower and changed to dress.  nyc had a sunshine late afternoon.  I went downtown to join Jia and Olivia, who came all the way up for birthday, and for her man.  Until  the entrance I noticed that "A Steady Rain" not only featured Hugh Jackman but also Dennial Craig. 
it was a great show, very powerful performance.  thanks to Jia, I was able to enjoy a really nice show.
i havent seen Olivia for two years, during which we both changed a lot, both in life and work.  we experienced a lot of new things, and we all did something unexpected in our vision of future when we were in college.  and right now we sit together sipping cocktails randomly talking and laughing, isn’t that wonderful?
Sunday I had a slow start: getting up at 1pm.  went a movie with Jessica, haven’t seen her for 5 months.  she was doing her best in nyc.  the german movie "Everyone Else" selected for the nyc film festival was a sweet candy.
Monday I had classes.  I went for dinner with Olivia and Jia and Xiangnan and spent the night at her place, play cards, chatting, and playing with two dogs. 
Today I woke up at 730 and did a little reading in sofa and fell asleep again and got up at 10AM, Olivia left around 3 but it seemed to take her 3 hours to get to the JFK…  I was grading all the drawings and attenting classes and sitting in the library until 11pm to finish half of the readings.
and now, I am going to finish the other half of the homework and hopefully i can go to bed around 2.
my laptop is still deadly dead, but my lovely shijie borrowed me her spared one, i am so lucky to have a nice shiji, finally, after so many years.
from monday i have been receving crazy news: laid-off, broke-up, sacred union, reality is tough. 

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