a raining day

I went to the lecture by a big name in the jpnse art history.  it was an intersting lecture, although i had two little question marks on two little things.  one more personal comments regarding to her "fansy" interpretation that why much of the work on the Liao dynasty art has been done by the japense scholars during the colonial period.  According to her, it is because some sort of ancient connections with liao back to the Heian period: "the landscape just looked like yamato valley." As someone who happens to be in exactly this period and this field, I have to point out that her naive answer reveals her limitations which represent most of the pre-modern art historians in that japanese art, that they always look for some ancient links that are "unchange" and ignore the nature of history/memory/discourse itself is constructed rathen than a left-over. Various architectural and art investigations of the Liao dynasty on the Liao territory by japanese scholars in the colonial period are not some naive, romantic internal callings from the ancient period, but are rather rational exploration and construction of the rhetoric of a "manchurian" identity that is part of the colonial political policy in general.  her comments reflect another trend in the recent studies of Manchuria of Japanese scholars, namely, to romantize the historical facts in order to fabricate a nostalgic discourse, which by nature should be alerted.
today’s visit of MET was a sweeter.  Two paintings, the Riverbank, the one I did not understand why so much controversy around it, when I saw the real thing, I immediatly understand, and I hated that painting; it is such a modern forgery to me.  the sketchy rock, of course it does not fix into the Song logic, because it is done through the light and shades drawing, completely a western sketch!  another painting, Li Cheng’s Donky Rider, I hated it when I saw it from the book and it looked forgery to me.  but when I saw the real thing.  I was STUNNED. it is truly a MASTER PIECE, it is simple but complicated in the same time to un-imaginable degree…..  I LOVE IT.
also embarrasing episodes always happened to me when facing CP, I did not know how to write the traditional character of "shou," the long life one.  of course I know how to read the traditional one, but when come to writing, I became an idiot again, in front of everyone.  but this time I did not mind any more.  Just check it from the dictionary and make sure I can write it next time. 
but it is still uncomfortable when some one came to me saying "it is embarassing, isn’t?" what’s your problem with me?
it was raining and freezing, and i almost cried on the street when i walked out of the MET without a coat or umbrella.
Recently I have been thinking about my "comp" what fields should I incorporate, and what profs should i talk to, and what language should i study.  I really fell love with Italian architecture recently, and I am thinking of taking Italian instead of German.   
Modern japanese architecture, Pre-modern Japanese art, Japanese History, Romanesque Architecture, modernism in 19C architecture, Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese history… too many choices, too many path need to build.
be patient, one by one.
in today’s TA class, a stupid ABC kid sitting next to me, in the first row, right in front of the professor, fell asleep again, every single time she sit in the same position fell asleep every single time; the only 5 minutes when she was awake she was checking with her iphone.  what happened to present kids? if you are stupid, at least try to work hard and be humble. and oh I can tell you young kid, you are much more stupid than you have thought of others. i am gonna kick you out next time: be prepared for a storm from the witched TA.

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  1. Lin说道:

    A Steady rain… hohoi’m checking how to write Shou

  2. 孙春芳说道:



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