life without a laptop

My laptop crushed last night, right after I have done all the work but just before I sent it to my email account.  So i lost everything but I had to redo everything before today’s morning classes. 
so I redid everything and hand-wrote the essay assignment for my Japanese class, 1000 words.
and today even the almost perfect work I have done was bitten by one of my colleagues; some people just can be that bitchy and twisty. can you people, just be once in your lifetime trying to be nice to a person who just had a tragic event and miserable day, can you just not bite out of your bitchiness and selfishness?
well, i guess since short guys never grew up, the bitches never see peace in this world.

i have been trying to be a sunshine sweet-heart.  today, i felt depressed. 
I have a long night here, down in the library for today, and tomorrow i have tons of other things waiting me to do, WITHOUT A LAPTOP.  now i can live a life without the "interruption" of computer…..  why don’t i take the laptop to the apple store to fix it?
BECAUSE SIMPLY I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR IT, i have two days whole of classes then i am heading to Boston on Friday night, not until Sunday i can take a breath and then start the new round of readings, as well as the new round of grading their drawings.

by this Tuesday, i ran out of clean clothes, by this Tuesday, i ran out of my computer and all data, and by today I ran out of faith.
the only good thing on this earth is the things i am reading and learning are interesting, otherwise i am gonna die.

complains are complains, i have to be stronger and tougher to myself, there is no other way to survive.
handle it, day by day.
from now on, probably for a month, i will live a life out of computer.  why one month?
because I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR IT.  stop asking stupid questions.


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