an economic measurment of stress

I spent 750 dollars on one thing last Sunday.
I spent 350 dollars on another thing last Friday.
I will spend 200 dollars on another thing this Saturday.
I have to spend 400 dollars on another thing next Monday.
I think my stress and pressure can be mesuared by the amount of money I spend on things, and the period of time that lasted between the moment I wanted to buy and the moment I pay the money.
question still remain: how can i spend so much money?  where can I get the money for such an amount? 
going crazy a little bit.

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art historian, writer

1 Response to an economic measurment of stress

  1. Lin说道:

    if you HAVE to spend the money, don’t get stressed about it. consider it’s seed money for success. get it from you dad and pay him back later. if you overspent, then sell something you don’t need on ebay and get some cash. then re-consider your spending. I’m reconsidering my spending right now LOL錢是身外之物,不值得


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