a little more housing keeping

Friday was tiring… 6 hours in MET, moving from storage to gallery to balcony, talking to show off knowledge, to avoid daggers, to get around with GP, colleagues.  I was so tired……
compared to other people, i don’t ask any questions related to life at all: when was the situation when you were a grad, who is that, did she/he has a story with whom…. i never asked but kept silence.  once someone asked me: that’s because you just don’t care, right, you don’t give a shit to anyone except yourself right?
that’s not true.  I used to ask questions, and i am still curious about human beings.  however, i don’t know the division within the personal domin; which area is "expected to be asked" and which one is "forbidden city," among two I chose not to ask anything unless people tell me.  but people are always suprised when they find out I am the only person who follows up the stories, namely, I did listen.
friday went to bed around 12, and got up at almost 11 on Sat.  Went to Urasenkei, the Sato place in the upper east side but unfortunately i did not relax too much. 
this weekend is study weekend, i have to finish a lot, a lot of works….. started to cook, to do my laundry and prepare to read half of a book before go to bed.
then i got burned on my figer and arm when trying to handle the stove. it’s not funny even i tried to cool the pain down.
therefore, i decided to give up the reading and do some movies tonight.
tomorrow going to the apple store.

About GloriaYuYANG

art historian, writer, a dog person, NYC-resident (not new yorker), a ph.d student of Japanese art and architecture,


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