House Keeping things

My computer is still deadly dead, but I was able to get an appointment on Sunday to see the problems;
I am thinking of getting a PIANO for myself;
Actually without my computer, these two weeks I felt happier than before: i got a little spare time to clean up my room and to cook if i really want to, and MUCH more time to read.  the laptop i borrowed from my "shijie" made me able to catch up with the paperwork.
still extremely busy, busy, deep down in the Avery basement every night, working until the library closes.  Read piles of articles and books, trying to absorb as much as I can.  Many books I have been busy reading for the past month seemed to work: I became able to level the ground and to explore new topics for my paper topics.
still, i haven’t made my travel plan for the next week to Austin, not even the flight ticket.  I haven’t decided if i should go or not, hesitation never does me good…….but i kind of not want to go b/c time, money and shame of my immature status…………
i wrote a long email to Frank last Saturday, full of stories that proved I could be "an honest and bitchy person with a mouth of hurting truth."
today’s calligraphy class went well.  as a student, it is not important to give a good answer, but to be INSPIRED during the class: to realize/get to know something new is the task for reading books, but to open up mind is the task for going to class.  That is also a creteria for a good teacher; not to fill the room but to open the window, a job that many people failed.  I was quite lucky that i have met several good teachers since my primary school, one for each period. 
I went to the fencing on Wed. and Yoga last sunday, very good for health.
money issue: i have been consciously not looking at my credit card bills or checking accounts because I don’t know how to deal with them.  I decided, at the very beginning of this semester, to be a selfish girl that if i ran out of money i will just shameless ask my dad.  previous lessons taught me that even i painstakingly calculated every penny i still end up crying to my dad asking for money with guilt anyway. but so far, everything went pretty good, to my surprise, my credit card debts since the summer japan trip is a lot but still manageable and my checking account for the first time, has more than 100 dollars on it. 
and, i am thinking of a winter retreat weekend in Feb. either to Australia or Hawaii again.
strongly recommend a book MOTEL OF MYSTERIES, full of illustrations, HILARIOUS!!!!!  for the following two years, i will send the book to every friend as their birthday present; see how eccentric and stubborn can I be!

ok, finally i am ready to write a long, tedious blog entry in Chinese on a school computer.


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2 Responses to House Keeping things

  1. Lin说道:

    it was great reading your blogs after peeking into your world! i envy your life- get to learn something new everyday. ganbadai~~

  2. 丽凉说道:

    Motel of mysteries, will see if I can get it in Mainland China


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