a brief note about home

i was shoked when i found out that the Peking University blocked me out because of the Olympics regulation.  I finally got in, with a simple logic: i dont care about the olympics, or what is written on the bulletinboard, i have to get in, today, right now.  After memorizing my college ID card number, my college name, my classmate number, name…. they let me in.
the first day i got back i saw Chi, i felt home.
the second day i got back to Dabai’s home and received a family traditional welcome day.
the third day I back to Peking University, and saw Minkun, Chenyu, my shelter.
p.s my cell phone number 13513528497660, the phone cannot recognize chinese text message
to hao, i miss you when i was in Xiaoyuan today, deeply.

About GloriaYuYANG

art historian, writer

2 Responses to a brief note about home

  1. XIAONING说道:

    looks i can reach you eventually
    have fun bah 😉

  2. 说道:

    Hey, I also miss you and other friends in Xiaoyuan. Next week, I will go to NY. Unfortunately, I can not meet you this time. 😦 Anyway, take care. Keep updating blog. Let me know when you come back.


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