just occur to me: part 1

the best time of Pittsburgh in a day is the early evening in the early summer.  when carrying two bags of juice, fruits and wine from giant eagle and turing the corner to forbes ave.  The church and trees along the ave was bathing in the evening sunshine. the sky is pink. i can smell the sense of summer, and incense of silence.  feeling the weight of the bags then feel I am alive.  a small place in this big big world.  The silhouette of the trees, the breeze, and the lilac fills up the whole street, like a boat floating on a river.
i really love Pittsburgh, where I really grew up and made a small world for myself.  a perfect week for me is to read 10 books for study, spend an afternoon in Carnegie Library with sandwiches, manga and apple cider tea, and finally a Thursday drink at the cage with aimless talk and Fried Cheeseball.  usually go to Giant Eagle for the fast sushi, and tons of juice, ice-creams, or rush into the Rite Aids in the midnight, searching for a eye-shadow which i will never use it.  the people in Pittsburgh, particularly, in my department, are the treature of my whole life-time. 
However, I am leaving, if i choose again, I still choose leaving.
I wont forget the happy time in Pittsburgh, meanwhile, i will never forget the depressing time in Pittsburgh.  Those sleepless nights with endless tear in the first winter, and in the second severe winter, several times I thought i would rather jump from the bridge and break my neck on the thick icy river to hear that crispy sound.  I would never forget. 

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