what the hell

today i got an email from my department.
the schedule and the requirements for the first year PhD art history look like hell……….8 graduate seminars 2 language exams 1 serious paper again…..
i am bleeding inside……why i choose to suffer as if a shackled slave.
yesterday hanging out with a Korean friend in Roppongi, who I met in Nagasaki.  we watched the Tokyo Tower until night and shared a lot of stories and feelings about such an indifferent but charming metropolitan.  Tokyo is a nice place, but we dont belong to it.
tokyo is unbearably hot……
i wanna go home, to write my damn papers.

About GloriaYuYANG

art historian, writer

3 Responses to what the hell

  1. Lin说道:

    omg that sounds horrible… but when you graduate you’ll feel your degree is well-deserved and that you haven’t wasted your youth

  2. XIAONING说道:

    what’s your next stop, home?
    let me know how i can connect to you when you arrive home
    take care, dear~~

  3. 说道:

    Cool, welcome back to the reality!


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