yesterday i visited the northeast side of Kyoto by bicycle. too much to write, just two tips at the Kingaku-ji.  Kingaku-ji was burned to ashes in 1950s by a franatic young monk of the temple.  A novel by a famous Japanese author took a phycological approach to depict this event from the monk’s view.  I read the first paragraph of this book when I was in Pitt, and I was drawn into it due to the attractive writing style.  after the fire, the temple was rebuilt soon and today it was renovated with gold, becoming a true golden pavilion.  When I stared at it from side of the pond, not suprising that the last paragraph of the book, the zealot thoughts emerged, with one key word; utukusii, a word with edge and a desperate sense.  The other tip is rather interesting, I was desperately thirsty so I bought some ice-cream and snack at a cafe before i entered the temple.  After i visited the temple I wanted to have some Japanese tea, so when I took out my wallet, i found out that my 5000 yen bill which I paid for the 400 drink only got me 600 change.  The cafe person forgot to give me back the other 4000 yen, and most ridiculously, I forgot to check the change, I simply get the 600 coins and put them in my pocket without thinking.  I returned to the cafe and asked them although hopelessly: i dont even remember who gave me the money.  but the result was actually simple, they simply listened and gave back the money without even asking the person who catered me. 
today was an impresive story too.  Miki-san went with me together, actually, led me to all of those places, in total, eight.  We went by bicycle, and really enjoyed the long trip.  Details later, but one tip:  When we returned home, it began to pour, with thundering.  I followed Miki-san, riding without raincoats.  it was like taking a natural shower, or rushing into the sea.  To my surprise, Miki-san rode really fast, i had to put all my effort to catch up.  I havent been riding a bike during a pouring day for 10 years, which i felt really happy about it.  we became part of the sightseeing on the street.  And Miki-san, who rode the bike with me in such a pouring with fast speed, is a really unique and cool mother.  again, i feel lucky!
not able to talk with dad. so keep going with the trivia.
Miki-san told me that I was caughing last night for quite a while, which i did not know.  en, pay attention….
today received two long letters from Brianne and Shalmit, i miss them.  especially Brianne wrote "character-building, but lonely:"  there is a reason why Brianne is my best american friend.

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