last night in Japan

I couldnt believe it…. i am leaving japan tomorrow, and I have been in tokyo for a week, and have been in Japan for 9 weeks and 2days.
it is a long trip.
i am heading home, without a key.
which door will open to me.
p.s. today i feel better about the coming new york life, i mean, the living part, not the study part.
p.p.s.  since a little kid i hate buying presents for my mom, for she always disliked my presents: a dress she never wear, a bag she never use, and an object she never give up laughing at. there always is a problem about the color, the style, the size, etc…..  but i felt guilty if not buying her anything, so i really hate this circulation; keep buying useless staff, waste money and ruin a whole day.  then today i suddenly figured out a solution.  what i dislike most is definitely what she loves; we have exactly the opposite taste.  she prefers shinny, kitsch, floral, tinny…. unbelievable bad taste…….meanwhile in her eyes i dress like a trunk….dusty color, angular shape, and huge huge bags
the only common thing we have is the possesive mind on my dad.  miraculous………
the first time my mom accepted my present is last year, under my threat that if she does not like this blouse i will never ever buy her anything. and it worked out.

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