NYC 407: An Early Bird

I am writing my application, the most important application in my academic life so far, the one I should have finished last Nov. And I AM STRUGGLING WITH IT. always have the fear of failing it.

For the next application, whatever it is on, I am going to finish a week early, as there has to be a full week given to professors, the week I can actually fill the form. Totally another unrelated topic, but for drawing in tonality, starting with the darkest part all together, marking the darkest, then the less dark, the shadowy part, then the light part, then using lines connecting them.

Another totally unrelated topic (I am losing my mind) new year resolution for 2013: Action & Persistance

Half-Year Goals: Jan-June: Make a Dress; Bartender Classes; Dance classes; Kendo; Saving/Making money. July.-Aug.: Travel (England) & Shopping. Sept-Dec.: Hanshin-Kan Research Building Collection; Kyoto-Temple-Zazen-Tour; Kyoto-Sento-Tour; Tokyo Tea Gathering; Everyday photograph project; Every month a small trip inbetween kyoto and tokyo.

Monthly Agenda:

Jan: Winter Writing Camp (proposal, article); Diet. One Proposal for Workshop

Feb: Dissertation Denfence

Mar: 3 week of Thailand-Shanghai-Changchun Trip.

April:Leiden Seminar (maybe)

May: Nacchan visits

June: Summer Teaching.

July & Aug: Holiday Plan A- Koto in Japan; Plan B- Germany-Gothe-England;

Sept: Settling Down in Kyoto

Oct: Writing for Fellowship & Maple Leaves in Kyoto.

Nov.: Two Fellowship Applications



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