my laptop died, what should i do.

i got a call when i was sleeping around 11 am Saturday, and before I figured out who was that I hang up the phone. 
five minutes later my laptop seriously died forever, the connection to the charge was off forever….. I was totally unprepared and freak out…
but no time for mourning, I had to go to a INAKA place, in the Nara mountains to meet AR.
so after so many hours of transferring trains, and passed a station where there was a shocking high-school boy slaying accident a week ago.  I got the station, where my phone signal went out.  AR was much more genki than he was in NY, seeming sunshine~

so we went to his friend’s house, and the party last from 5pm to now…..
after drunk too much different kinds of alcohol, confused about what emotion I should have, sad or happy.
but anyway, I need to live on, as everyday..


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1 Response to my laptop died, what should i do.

  1. 说道:

    Too bad to hear that. Call Apple customer service. And see what you say. Take care.


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