i made my plan last night.  I will be back to Beijing on July 28th, and then head to the NE for about two weeks.  after my ex-best friend excluded me from her wedding, there seems not so much fun outside of my aunt and sister`s domin. I will go back to Shenzhen no later than the mid-Aug.

Today I was really pissed off by an idiot, who kept pissing everyone off through the whole six weeks. after otaku-related, meaningless, weired words, his bad manners, and rude, stupid attitudes…. today in his own presentation he fell asleep again, in front of everyone….. how can a dork who plays around every afternoon and upload tons of anime videos to facebook everynight come to school with empty hands but a mouth complaining too much homework.  How can such a loser, who was absent for several times with the same terrible lie of catching a cold, got into an ivy graduate school…….how can such a NAGIMUSHI conduct research in the middle kingdom japanese history.   for god`s sake, having stayed in japan for two years, his broken japanese as well as poor manner………even in english, this guy speaks as if he is an idiot, and a five-year old freak…..
god i was so pissed off……..


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4 Responses to unpleasent

  1. Shengwen说道:

    Laugh to death !!He is soooo pathetic

  2. XIAONING说道:


  3. XIAONING说道:

    plus, send me your NYC address

  4. XIAONING说道:



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