laptop died, and sometimes I am the messager

my laptop died on Sunday, on Tuesday Kyoto was pouring and I realized one thing: no one but me can save my laptop.
there is no apple store in kyoto, so i threw my bike in a bookstore, and then hopped in the subway, 45 minutes later, i got to Osaka.
In the fancy, cold apple store, i was not able to use my only credit card, for it has been somehow blocked…….therefore, after twenty minutes talking with a lazy amerian-english tone, with which I got so familiar in the past three years, and answering several trivia questions, i finally got the thing to save my laptop.
the apple store was in Shinsaibashi, when i got out it was 10 past nine, so i was thinking of taking a walk back to the umeda station and then back to kyoto.  it was only 3 subway stops.  I began to walk, fast and relaxed in the windy night.
about 15 minutes later i came to the first subway station, my intuition told me to go straight, but the map along the road said i should turn right.  and I followed the map out of my rational judgement…
therefore about forty minutes of fast walking, i ended up lost in a dark, quite street without any maps.  Osaka, is truly a different story from kyoto.
at that time my phone rang.  it was the Korean girl in my class, she happened to be in Osaka too and she got lost too!
An old man who walked by me overheard I was saying, dokoya, wakarahen… so he stopped and asked me where I would like to go and eventually guided me to the station.  so nice… that is another reason i love Osaka. people are just frankly nice.
I always think in my life god always sends nice people to help me out and that night later, for the first time i felt the god finally sent me to help other people. I walked back with her in a nice night, and I felt very happy.
Today the program was finished and we all left our dormitory.  Because of my host mom’ friend, another super nice and sunshine person I am able to stay in her apt for two days before head to Tokyo where i will stay with Regi for a week.
although i began to study japanese in the USA and I havent spoken Japanese to any Chinese people, my pronunciation is said to be so Chinese…… that is the so-called mother tongue……


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