a piece of cake

I still cannot access msn, or my blog from my apt, which means, i could only write my blog in english when i am at school, which is the least thing i would like to do. No time, and don’t wanna write in public.  so probably the trip in japan will end up same with last year, namely, no record….

I have one more blog to write about Peking, my Prof. and my best buddies. I only stayed in peking for one week so that’s pretty eventful for one week.

As for Japan, nothing huge happened after the first week, during which I went back and forth between Kyoto and Tokyo for three times by Shinkansen like a crazy jet girl.  I met several interesting figures during the first week, stayed in Regi’s host family’s home for one night, randomly run across a young so-called idol in a mid-night dancing club, who was actually pretty popular among stupid young female masses.  it’s better than going to his concert and he looked so ordinary…… met a person out of my expectation at a conference in tokyo, had a dinner with my adviser and he gave me a tour about the urban transition in Shinjuku.  on the late-night shinkansen back to kyoto, i have to suffer those drunk sallarymen who were still drinking; saiyaku!

nothing has happened after i settled down in kyoto.  i am still an alcoholic and i tried to control it.  my studies still went slowly and made me cranky occasionally.  I kept writing letters to Frank.  my japanese is NOT improving, especially with my pronunciation.  and i haven’t opened the books i brought to kyoto once, or worn the dress i brought to kyoto.  how can i become a retarded in packing luggage!  i haven’t seen much about kyoto, because of the heaving homework and also my personal issues. 

recently one trivia thing is kind of bothering me.  my mid-school best friend, apparently only i considered her as my mid-school best friend, is getting married while trying every effort to keep me out of her wedding. i was so so confused.
but i am not going to ask her.  things do happen, and i do lose friends.


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2 Responses to a piece of cake

  1. Lin说道:

    maybe her finance likes you- you never know~have fun in japan! no blog is fine but pix are mandatory. I’ll try really hard to visit NYC in the fall or on the holidays. so show me then~

  2. Shengwen说道:

    Dont worry, maybe it’s just because of some stupid girly complex… Let it be. :)To Olivia, I made the same mistake as yours: putting "finance" instead of "fiancé". Haha, my friend seriously laughed at me for that… money-oriented… xixi


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