a brief report

in kyoto.
for years i only feel lucky about one thing: i always meet nice people.  i mean, really nice. just one example after going abroad, such as Brianne, Regi, Tina, etc. 
and this time the homestay family in kyoto, extremely nice and warm.
so, I am going to enjoy Kyoto pretty much.
visiting kyoto is like a history marathon, tons of old temples, shrines, or aristoric houses.  I planned to save all the Kansai part for kyoto, but now i need to revise it.  After staying in kyoto, I will stay one night in Osaka, hope to catch up with the Kansai part, although in a really short time.  then Tokyo.
This summer has been really special to me.  The trip to Japan is actually the longest trip i have evern taken by myself, almost for 10 weeks.  Have I changed a lot, or not at all during this trip? I have no idea.  Even sometimes i ask myself what is the point of the endless travelling.  Stay in different places, see different views, will that makes me a happy person?
i changed, alot. i wanna tan myself into a piece of chocolate.  i developed superstitious tips.  and I became more and more eccentric.
the apartment in New York is changed, and I was assigned to another apartment.  annoying… i am scared about the new york life, so now is like my final canival..

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1 Response to a brief report

  1. 说道:

    Don’t be scared about your future life in NY coz the trip has made you stronger, i believe. 🙂


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