NYC Season 2 FINALE: M.Phil. 4/23/2012

Season 2 終わった。

2012年4月23日下午,通过Orals exam,正式成为M.Phil. 从2011年9月就开始紧张的两个小时的口试,在我有点high的张牙舞爪中度过。细节内容我一概掠过。

Orals is a mentally stressful process. You thought your are strong, good and independent, but orals crushed you into a crying, needy baby. I realized that for the first time, I cannot detach myself from people. People who fed me with food, wine, who prepared me with mock exams, who studied with me in the libraries, who called me, talked to me, emailed to me listening to my screams, or people who I randomly met up in the campus to chat with me to cheer me up. My professors, colleagues and my friends.

If there is one thing that orals will affect my whole life, it is that it made me RECONNECTED to people. I am not detached from human beings any more, which made me a better person.

22岁出国,24岁硕士学位。27岁语言留学。28岁的时候,生活哗啦啦地又翻到新的一页。 I AM READY for the next stage: to make the academic as a life habit.


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