Seoul Day 12: ART, MUSIC, and LOVE LONELY

This time in Seoul, is the first time that I actually hope someone would be there together with me.

Seoul is a city full or art, music, and love. You see young artists FREELY developing their ideas into wonderful works, not worrying about selling or “professional.” Their works are full of imagination, and creativity, the best contemporary works i have seen recently. also the environment is so wonderful for cultivating those artists.

At the night around corner of streets, you will just run into amateur musicians playing guitars, singing, and people, in their casual clothes, are gathering together and enjoying, sharing together:)

in the mid of downtown, there is a natural river running through, and the lighting was dreamy during the night, along with music, and those lush bushes and trees along the river, the bank of which was dotted with couples, family. it was a sensational symphony.

by the end of the day, when i was viewing those photos of performance and installation works along the river, then i realized how much i love this city, and more than that, i realized why i cannot choose seoul as my final destination.

there are couples everywhere. seoul belongs to couples. there are lovely, bubbly couples everywhere, besides me, the only people by themselves were homeless men on the river bank. i am that desperately lonely.

Therefore, it was the first time that I actually do hope someone would be there together with me.


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