Japan Day 71th-75th: Memo on Autumn Kyoto

Day 1, a night bus arrived in kyoto at 6AM; 8AM Kyoto Tower Bath, 10AM Hayatt Regency met with Mary; 10:30AM met with GP; 1st spot Enkan-toh; 2nd spot  Tetsugaku Walk and Gingakuji and special viewing of Jakuchu; 3rd spot Shokakuji & the ceiling of the dragon; Jyotenkaku Museum with Maruyama Okyo’s scroll

Day 2, 1st spot Nishi-Hongenji, the special viewing of Uun-kaku; Lunch in an expensive (according to kyoto standard) but good italian restaurant, sanjusankan toh, Daitokuji the honjo and special Shinjyu-an, it was a very special experience

Evening met with Miki and Miri, should have gone with Miri to onsen, but instead hanging with R-kun and watching his drunk behavior, the Raion bar is cute though, Haikaisan sake is good. i did not like R-kun at that moment.

Day 3, Morning to Nara, the Nara Todaiji special tour on the second level; the most touching movement and of course destroyed by the mean R-kun; very delicious small eating place before the Hokkeido; and Hokkeido; the Cafe and the Nara-kenritsu Museum bird and flower paintings.

head to Nara country-side for a stay found a good sake: Enjyaku no mori

Day 4, heading back, so basically wasted a day.

Conclusion, it is very nice to be alive in this world, and to choose Japanese art as my career, the only way to get a good eye is to see the origin paintings (every week see some original paintings) constantly


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