I am a hero today.
definitely, for the first time I am so proud of myself.
this week was the heaviest week since the beginning of this semester:  everynight around 2 or 3 AM i was on the phone with my dad, when i was doing some gradings, the labor which did not require much brain.
finished the proposal on time, finished gradings of the mid-term on time, finished all the readings on time, and for the first time gave right answers in class, and did go to the gym twice in the past week.
by 6pm today, the hero saved her world successfully.
what came after the victory?  back to the apt and just passed out in bed directly…. just too tired to change into pajama….
tomorrow hero got laundry to do, the laptop to pick up, the bussinessman to sign the contract, the paperwork to deal with, the emails to response, the undergrad kids to take care, the lost book to find, the email to write, the proposal to wirte, the check to pick up.
tomorrow i am gonna write in chinese! yeah!

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art historian, writer

1 Response to Thursday

  1. 说道:

    keep it up, heroine.


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