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manga: cross game, among tons of manga I have read, Antachi Mitsuru is the only one I really admire. his manga is truly about life, about seishun, the best time of one’s whole life, the dream.  His manga truly makes me still believe in dreaming.
drama: my laptop is down so i am not able to catch up the Grey’s anatomy, but I am able to watch the latest Japanese dramas for this fall; so far, "untouchable" probably could make to 5, the "samurai highschool student" out of my expectation could make to either 3 or 11, depending on the writer, the young actor acts good enough to support the plot, "tokyo dogs" so far my favorite: two ike-men, both of whom my type, so quite enjoy.
there was this one Japanese drama really makes me hate the Japanese mainstream and their discourse on Manchuria again.  well, so glad that the young generation of Japanese has changed so much and so different from their last generation, which was fooled and sacrificed by their national ideology.  therefore, be careful when talking about some "unchanging thing" such as "spirit" of the people of one modern nation: Japanese are not the same at all with their Heian ancestors, Chinese are also not the same with the "historical Chinese" modern people are so shaped by modern society instead of by the so called historical gene.  however, no matter in any nation, the media, and the mainstream are still using this to manipulate mass….
sometimes i truly think the ancient Chinese intellectuals are so smart, their writings on politics, on history, on human beings are so insightful that if one learns their wisdom by heart, one will be much wise than most modern people.
another group of people I like is the 1920, 30s Japanese intellectuals, their predictions of a tragic future kind of became true though.

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