Mom’s gonna work!

This semester I became a TA, unfortunately, a TA with 60 students, grading their 11 times of drawings, and grading their two exams and giving them TA sessions three times a week.  Although we are super-mom, we earn the same sallary with other TAs who only go to class twice a week and grade two exams of 20 people. 
so as usual, we have plenty stories of stupid undergrad kids, who run around in the kichen messing up with the jam and screaming for another coke.  those spoiled kids.
one sit in the first row next to me every single time, and fell asleep every single time, or checking her iphone in front of everyone.
one told me he was too busy to come to the session.
one did not come to class often so she mistoke one classmate as professor and called him professor in my session, and more stupidly, she wrote my name as Su, tell me how they got in this school?
but there are some cute, hot, lovely, pretty creatures in the class, dressing like fasion models, talking like french ballerias, behaving like fredged birds, that is one of the reason I could still pretend to be an asian doll named su or whatever…
another reason is because the professor is an interesting person, full of humor and he designed the new VMC center for us, so….
but most of the time, receiving tons of undergrads’ junk emails annoys me: sorry, Mom’s gonna work, even we are super-mom, we have our own life to save!  my partner, the sunshine sweetie has felt the burden of being a perfect mom recently, her own life is consumed…
life has been extremely busy recently, because I am supposed to come up with two final paper topics and I recently start to do some research.
recently I have become more and more bitchy, sometimes my mean words suprise myself.

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