the first alcohol: cheer to the new semester

too many people got married, or are getting married now. and Amara and I are still single, so we scheduled more times to go for alcohol.
tonight i went to our "Rosandee" getting together, it was really nice to catch up after such a long summer, after I had been soaked with all the "east asian" staff.
we brought photos of our travels for showing and shared with our stories, gossips, and "knowledge." after few rounds of drinks, people became intimate to each other when I so hoped Frank could be on my side.  Robert got a bear; i did not recognize him at all……. he looked very indie.
I love Italians and Italian.  it is just so straight forward and so open and sounds so pretty.
I am going to DROP THE GERMAN CLASSES, that’s the final decision.

sometimes I just randomly love people, sometimes I am loved by random people. girls, guys, gays. 
the deepest reason is because i don’t judge, and i don’t ask.  we are human, and we wanna be good people even with dark past.
I can’t picture me in any serious and stable relationship: i simply don’t know any guy who lives in the same realm with me, enjoying Japanese popular culture as much as Roman arches, and enjoying baseball, drama, down to earth person…etc….  if i really see a guy like this, then he must be boring, because he is just like me, boring personality, and I will be bored with another me. 

I wanna go to Greece and Italy to see all of those architecture ruins.  I wanna speak German, French and Italian. I wanna learn drawing, pottery and Kendo.  I wanna have reproductions of all the famous Song dynasty landscape paintings.  I wanna have cheap Japanese woodblock prints.  I wanna have good teeth and a long life-span.  I wanna own a little bookstore.  I wanna learn ski.  I wanna learn driving and do a road-trip in US.
so, how do i plan my life?


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3 Responses to the first alcohol: cheer to the new semester

  1. Lin说道:

    we all plan to much, baby. just live it.

  2. 丽凉说道:


  3. YU说道:

    to 丽凉, 叫你这么一说我也才发觉啊!!


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