Spring Break: Three Parties in A Row

Friday, the Museum Night and the Humanity Party on the Roof.
Saturday, the Antiquity Talk and the New Yorker Kitchen Show
Sunday, the Greenhouse and the Freak Dancing
Monday, Chase opening account, Doctor Appointment and House Season3, went to bed at 12:10AM
Tuesday, slept for 12 hours, got up at 12:10PM, went to library and tried to study, failed.
Wed., started with the Dim Sum with John couple, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge in the bright sunshine, went to Williamsburg by bus; a nice neighborhood reminded me of Pittsburgh Murray Ave on a Sunday afternoon.  quiet, nice, sunshine hit the two-story buildings, considering moving there.  had the best Polish food for dinner; my long-craving cabbage rolls. walked the Williamsburg Bridge back.  I liked hanging out with couples, much more healthier and happy. 


About GloriaYuYANG

art historian, writer

2 Responses to Spring Break: Three Parties in A Row

  1. Lin说道:

    awesome life! i want to live in NY and be surrounded by crowds at all times

  2. 说道:

    Easter season, reburn


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