sugar cravings & confusing thoughts

非常非常喜欢谷崎潤一郎的In praise of shadows,短而妙,英语翻译地回味无穷。
ginger cookies, tiramisu, puddings, fruit candies, honey, chocolate, chocolate moose, 一个晚上吃掉一张大脸盘的Cheescake。
发现了非常能好吃的pasta sausa, classico

Invention of Tradition
Nation/National narrative/national identity

Architects’ writings on tradition/modernity, Architects’ research on traditional architecture before and the interwar period,
Writings on "aesthetics," why there cannot be sayings on aesthetics and why Tanizaki wrote on "aesthetics?"
connection between objectification of the feminine beauty in Tanizaki’s and the architect Yoshiya?’s metaphor of the female body as an architectural form.
Architectural history & National Tone: from Okakua’s display in Chicago Expo to Harata’s History of Japanese architecture, The attitute towards Edo architecture.
what kind of traditional architecture are selected and imbued with national character: Katsura, Chaya, Edo Castle,
Foreigners in Japan:  Bruno Taut, Walter Gropius, Arthur Drexler, Morse,
Japanese architects in Europe:  Ito Chuta, Maekawa Kunio,
Writings on traditional architecture:  Watsuji Tetsuro, (who is this guy on earth!!!)  Ito Chuta,
Case Study: Endo Arata

There has to be something, at least topics for three papers are hidden somewhere in those confusing, conflicting thoughts….. where are them!!!!!


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