Friday Night

The definition of an alcoholic is not how much drinks you have; but how much you rely on alcohol to be happy. So although I haven’t had any alcohol in the past two months, tonight after two drinks I just re-confirmed that I am a heavy alcoholic and will be one for another ten years. 
What a pathetic thing that I get a better vision of myself when I get drunk; I see the deep-inside me who is hiding so well even in front of the therapist. Frank said I can flirt very well; and he also know my anti-humanity character which he pretended not knowing.
Life is long and hard; we are trying to make some fun.  I have been reading Marx, Weber, Cultural Theories all the week and surrounded by some really attractive women, so I think I deserve a drunk Friday night.


About GloriaYuYANG

art historian, writer

1 Response to Friday Night

  1. Lin说道:

    honey you might as well be a alcoholic- much better and healthier than say a smoker or a sex-addict? if you have to pick one as a hidden true passion of your life, choose booze, oh red wine. you get stronger heart from drinking. enjoy


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