the end of the semester, defined by the dept.

had at least 6 rounds of alcohol, starting from 5:15pm to 3:40am, I still managed to be sober. 
That is pathetic, because I cannot let myself just be drunk, go nonsense and not take any consequence.

5:15 pm arrived at the dept party today, literally no one I knew.  so grabbed some food, and started sipping the red and white wine.  then Frank, my Pro-seminar, and GP.  I had been cranky today and complained to Frank in the afternoon tea, figuring out that Frank and I were exactly like twins, so much in common.  I did not want to socialize with people at all so I just kept drinking red and white wine one glass after another.  as usual, talked with my pro-seminar, and with GP, and was avoided by CP, which was really shocking and sad to me.  Frank and I were targeting on the same charming guy. 
7pm after the party, i randomly decided if i was going to get drunk someday, it gonna be today.  apparently several others shared my idea, and we went to the Havana Central, where I bumped into Starcy.  I was a little drunk by then and I held back myself from kissing her, instead I kept telling her i was a little drunk.  The consciousness of being a little drunk did not prevent me from ordering more cocktails and beers.  After Havana people agreed to go for another round in Heights, so another round of draft beer, mine with Belgium White Blue Moon.  it was OK. 
After the Heights, three of us decided to continue like Japanese salarymen, so we went to Swish, a really bad place that kicked us out in 5 minutes after we just ordered a second round without any warning.  I would never go to any pretentious East Asian restaurant that only treat you like cash pigs.  Then we went to Zack’s place and had more beers there.  Frank was drunk and his German humor was hilarious, Zack and I lying in sofa laughing so hard. 
I was a little drunk when I was in Heights and especially in Swish, but I quickly returned to sober when I realized that I was getting drunk. 
How sad was that.
The rare experience I was totally drunk was with my parents twice and with Chi once. 
How much alcohol did I drunk in total tonight, I did not know.  that was a question bothering my therapist, not me.  
I am an alcoholic, I always know that.


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