the song of hatred

I hate the freezing reading room in the Avery Library. 
I hate people touching the painting; i hate the people’s looks when I said don’t touch the painting.
I hate the guy in my class who stepped on my shoe and said nothing.  I hate his rudeness, arrogance and stupidity. 
I hate the person who did not re-shelf the only copy back to the shelf on purpose. 
I am still on the 5th page of my 10 page paper; I hate it.
I hate my cranky temper and my emotional swing.
I hate talking when I am not in mood.
I hate the Christmas when everyone has a home to return. 
I hate the new MSN version, it is an updated retard one step from the complete moron.
I hate rainy days.
I hate those chain smokers who smoke just outside the entrance of the Avery, forcing me approaching to lung cancer with them.
I do hate false smiling.
I hate the woman who keeps chasing after my English speaking ability.  I f*  speak this damn universal language!


About GloriaYuYANG

art historian, writer

2 Responses to the song of hatred

  1. 说道:

    I like to use F word when I am really hate something. haha. It can make me feel better.

  2. 丽凉说道:

    Same here, hate my current life, driving me crazy. The world is retarded


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