The Farewell Party

I never thought that I could make real, good friends in America.  But now I think I could never make such good friends anywhere else than in Pittsburgh.  The Frick girls are adorable.  The faculty members provide tremendous support and the Frick girls provide awesome friendship.  I have made more good friends in the past two years than the total amount I have ever made in China.  Even more exciting, these girls are amazingly cool characters.
Sara held a party for me tonight at her place.  Plenty wine, beer and the home-made cake and exotic snacks.  As usual we had a good time, laughing and making nosies.  It’s more than a party for me though, that I am leaving a life-style that I adapt to and love.  No matter what is waiting for me in the future, no big small town with people genuinely understand and listen to you anymore.  It is a swamp.  People are competitive, snobbish and works are insane and tremendous.  It’s like the damn application for a Japanese visa; everything is deliberately designed to make it impossible.  I don’t know if my choice is wise, maybe as insane as being so pushy to apply for the Japanese visa right now. 
I talked, laughed and hugged with everyone. 
I haven’t finished my papers yet, nor the writing of thank-you cards.  But the semester really ends.  I am not prepared to leave.

I am gonna miss you.
Me too.


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