frantically Clockwise (constant updating & changing)

April 30th, Take the shoe to the UPS return.  Renew books on the shelf.  Return or Renew Books. 

May 1st to May 5th, jogging, Writing Drew’s paper, Writing Kirk’s paper, Talk with Real Estate to extend the lease.  Pack/Clean the Apartment.

May 6th to May 11th, jogging, Finishing Drew’s paper, Writing Kirk’s paper.  Getting Transcripts.  Try to hang out with Katie Amy, Brianne, Alex, Saskia and Xiaosu.  Regi’s Birthday on 11th.

May 11th-15th, The result of Japanese visa should come out, since you always cross your fingers, you should get a PASS.  Call OIS to release sevis number.  Packing Everything into the Closet.  Packing for leaving.  Buying the Ipod (if i am not going to japan i am not buying anyone anything! yes, i am a paranoid! take it!)  Return all the books to Carnegie.  Leave the subleter a Priority Envelope or Call Columbia to change the address.

May 16th, yeap, I should/must get aboard on the Plane to Japan! 


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art historian, writer

2 Responses to frantically Clockwise (constant updating & changing)

  1. 说道:

    congrat!  You made it! Have fun in Japan!

  2. YU说道:



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