The disaster women

Why most women, why you are creatures with narrow-perspective, selfish-blindness, and confused-mind? Why? Is it killing you to be a team player to get things done? Is it killing you to just for a minute not buzz around you as you are queen forever on the highlight especially you are nearly 30 years old?
Above are only a small part of words I would want to ask Ms Feng.

First, She just doesn’t want to people to use "her" database. Oh, my God, it drives me crazy, working for three years with a large amount of money; the database only comes out as "false-patch structure, and mass and few data" (I quote her). How can you use it as a damn excuse when you should be shamed with your damn horrible work? Three years, only 15 disorder-fragment-files. I do not need a database to do that; only a terrible poor IQ brain can do that poor work! Are you kidding me? Or are you killing me?

In order to "protect" her database, she came up with some real ridiculous methods, which are awkward, wasting of time and ultimately, nonsense. I stared at her, thoughts arousing in my mind: She is not only a tough person with edges but also a stupid person with poor brain and unclear logic.

When we pointed out the problems in her proposal, she began to attack the framework method; she began to against any ideas that not belong to her.

What disgusts me most is that she began to be emotional and rude manner. She used many insulting and offensive words and began to judge, criticize things in the past. We are sitting there with good manners except her.

Taken together, She is spoiled. She can’t get related to the environment and is a loser to both the practical society and academic field, so she just blames and hinders everything. She is losing her mind and she is insane. That is my conclusion.

Having figured this out, a decision came up clearly, just keep silence and ignore her words in the action, for she is not involved in the program, and she is just the representative of the failure past. I don’t want to argue with her about her crazy ideas, for it won’t solve the problem. . If this task failed she will not be charged but us, so I need to get things done despite her crabs. So I keep my silence and smile, and my thoughts just keep going on my way to the whole design.


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