quite busy and frustrated

Recently I am quite busy, and quite frustrated.
Monday, I forgot how to spend.
Tuesday, I went to Beauty Salon as schedule. I got a snap in it and a piece of sandwich in the patisserie. Back to school, I did not go to the philosophy class due to the task of arranging artists for assistant graduates.
Wednesday, the most frustrated day at the end. From the morning I got called and then we began the Framwork Design for the whole Archives project such as working standards, the HR structure… Due to Prof. Zhu’s leaving on Friday we need to fix them in a demanding time. I understood my duty- as the Project manager this week and the Assistant during the whole process, which means that I was in charge of the fundamental Framework Design.
During the Framing Design procedure the basic ideas came up clearer, and the concept began to turn into practical steps. The cruxial is the DATABASE. I need a method to gather the files that is, utilizing the Database structure to file the existed files and form the model for the updated files.
Although later I got some depressed information about the previous filing: nothing at all. To work with Prof. Zhu and Mr. Min is pleasant: efficient, easy to get related to, and clear.

At night, Prof.Zhu and I agreed that the crux of the Archives Editing is the database with which I really concerned and treat as a trigger of serious explosion, which may decimate the whole procedure. So in order to get a clear mind about the database we went to Ms. Feng and have a discussion.

And the disaster began.


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