Travel-Great wall

Last Friday, I went to the Great Wall by chance and by train.

What really impressed me was the railway station, which is almost forgotten by everyone. The old Qinghua Station is an old style building with fabulous atmosphere: schedule on the black board, written by chalk; the empty waiting room with dawdlers sitting on the bench; the little ticket window and typical kind-boared ticket woman, of course there is a clock on the wall in old style.

The train is extremely SLOW. It takes 7 minutes to arrive at next stop, and stop for about 30 minutes. It is amazing and horrible and fabulous and boring and funny. Complax. The conductor carry the hot water by pot! Our breakfast is the fast foods. There are also people dawdling on the passageway. On the way we pass by the JUYONG fortress and the 1st railway in China the REN-type road, the train need to return when passing by it. Mavellous.

It takes us 3 hours to get there.

About the partner on the road. I want to mention the boy, who is really a nice guy, really. Smart, gentle and clear-minded. Thanks for the gift.

However, I did a poor performance regarding my duty and “job”. I should not … but I should… because something I did not know at that moment…sigh…sigh…..don’t want to remember…

I neally forget the Great wall needs to climb. O,O, we went up in the cable car. And then climb to the highest turret and climbed for about 1 and half hour and went home. My leges hurt for 2 days. Nevertheless it is worthy the trip, due to the relaxing feeling brought by the sight and the person.

The fee back is RMB200 to Peking Univ, a good price from negotiation by the boy.

Taken together, A really nice guy. nod.

I lost my amulet that morning…unfortunately.


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