NYC 24: 2012 Jan. Agenda (temporary)

1/4-1/10: Writing the MA paper; Read 5 books related (manchurian empire by Young) Review the Writing Center Folder; email PowerHouse about taking her class!

Boxing Day after SHOPPING: Zara LBD; VSLRE; Benetton Skirt & Blouses; Obi (soho); tights lots of tights, Amazon Book order;

Jogging in Riverside Park;Check the Closet List

Tosca 1/10 (Reward for the finish!) ; MET before 1/10 contact Mary; Return Sensei’s clothes! Hangout with Magalena, Hangout with Marta

1/10-1/17: Send the MA Paper to Professor; Writing the ffffff Tanizaki paper; Review the Writing Center Folder;

Japanese Grocery to New Jersey 1/11; Get my hair done;

Enchanted Land 1/12

Turning in MA on 1/17: locate two professors by then!!!!


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art historian, writer
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