2010年在纽约的最后一天,清晨7点半起来洗衣服,收拾房间,打包,然后跑去放库存,门一打开就疯了,被塞的满满登登,一个缝都没有。至于我是怎样在20分钟内把我的三个箱子变魔术般的塞进去最后还是满满的关上门的,我自己都说不清,只是出来后觉得,我真的很强大。12点退钥匙,1点45 super shuttle 姗姗来迟,睡了几觉车到terminal 8,我缩头缩脑问是不是LTU。旁边一小女孩问难不成你也是去Dusseldolf,两人同一班飞机,聊的挺好直到入关,小女孩说呀我把电脑落在刚才的shuttle里面了一面狂奔出去。刚入关,迎面晃过好几个欧洲金发帅哥,当下心里yay!狂嚎。
上飞机, 有小孩子狂嚎,一飞机德国人就很不客气的笑说起来,搞的母亲最后崩溃,一个劲地说i tried, i tried。前座的乘客把幼婴车放在座位上,于是英俊的FA过来,问do you speak english? yes. you need a registration. bla bla bla, bla bla bla, 然后女人说the person at the gate said it is fine….FA一脸认真,WHAT is fine? 最后那美国男人想用i am sorry 收场,结果那FA一脸认真的说you dont need to be sorry about。。一路飞机很疲惫,因为飞行时间正好在不好倒时差的阶段。

super jet-legged. the plane was really new and the crying babies were really annoying and the germans were really Germans from outlook to core-heart.
although took off late for an hour, but arrived in dussodolf in time, and cleared the custom and arrived in berlin in morning, Brianne picked me up and sent me home! that’s so nice of her!
berlin, despite its extremely unpleasant weather, cold and rainy, tricked me immediately. I fell love with it so quickly, without reason. the place I stay is a little bit far from the Mitte, where my school is, but the host is super nice and the apartment is also very very nice.  high ceiling, low-key, artistic taste of interior design, and very old house, perfect for me. 
berlin is so cold, like winter, i brought no clothes with me… i am very upset.

About GloriaYuYANG

art historian, writer, Ph.D. of Japanese art and architecture,

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  1. Lin说道:

    Congratz!!! Enjoy!

  2. Young说道:



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