Love in the Air

That was the quote I got from the fortune cookie.

I love my Dad, and I love Dongdong. and I love my family, no matter how much I got hurt from or hurt them, I still love them.
I love Chi. and I love my friends, my professors and my people.

Two hours ago, I almost burned down the entire house.  I set the pot on the stove and left it on the stove with fire on for 3 or 4 hours. I completely forgot it until I went to the kitchen for a piece of cake and I found an unusually hot kitchen.

This was not the first time. Last time I left the gas on, almost got killed by leaking gas. God bless me.
what happened to me? it never happened before. something is wrong. why I did not remember what I did?  i don’t wanna die. I haven’t been to europe, I haven’t been in love, i haven’t been to a friend’s wedding.  I don’t get to die.
I will not cook for a while.


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1 Response to Love in the Air

  1. Lin说道:

    honey-you will be okay. ppl make mistakes all the time. sometimes it’s the universe’s way to remind you of danger. As long as the lesson is learned, you will be more than okay. I know there is a long, fun & happy life in front of you. Just run & embrace it!I envy your life- the world is your oyster. Follow your heart and seize the daysSEIZE THE DAYS, remember? Once we were so young and full of dreams…A lot of dreams from back then have realized. Life has been so kind to me and you, and it always willlove,


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