Rock n’roll

April. 29th.  One-Way Flight Ticket purchased. $553
                    One-Way Flight Ticket purchased. $415
April. 28th. Tuition Wired. $1400
May.10th.  Housing Fee Wired $670
May.13th. Travel Insurance $195
May.13th. International Student Card $28
May.17th Visa Fee $ 75
May.22nd   Storage Fee $ 216
May.23rd   Nikon & Accessories $ 450
May.28th  Shipping Company $470
May.29th Eurail Pass $467

I always feel guilty every single time I asked my parents for money.  My dad usually comforts me that it is one kind of investment but I guess they will still supports me even I am trashy and worthless.  I guess this is called unconditional love. From my big family elder members, I have heard hundreds of times of the narrative that they already made contribution to their parents in their early 20s. I still have no idea how much my parents will spend on me until I have the first penny in my savings.

Either the final period is rolling, or it is falling on me.


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3 Responses to Rock n’roll

  1. Lin说道:

    you’re one of us single children baby- embrace it- you are most likely not gonna be independent until you’re 30, that is , if you don’t get married and become somewhat dependent on your spouse. make peace with that ~ and remember, they are happy doing so because YOURE IN FREAKING COLUMBIA UNIV. & GOING TO JAPAN FOR A YEAR! envy you!

  2. 孙春芳说道:


  3. YU说道:



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