trivia game

trivia 1: Finally they realize our country is a great country in terms of keeping peaceful with the world.
trivia 2: Britain, you just piling up excuses for me to hate you, or at least find you annoying.
trivia 3: Living under the budget has never been a problem for me: I always go over the limit.
trivia 4: my life has changed a lot  since i came to nyc, but except one thing: I always got bites by COBRAS in human form. i guess the world does not change since the stone henge, you need to be strong enough to hold hammers so you will survive without being eaten or turning into another cobra.
trivia 5: the best Chinese architectural historian is definitely Liang Sicheng.  The work he has done in the 1930s during the war was a treasure to the entire humanity.  No one is even close to him.
trivia 6:

"Mist, indicated by the empty space, surrounds the pagoda, highlighting
the gap between the building and the extremely high, unapproachable mountain
peaks that dominate the upper half of the entire composition.

" My best writing of the year.
trivia 7: it is very fashionable right now to know a friend, or a colleague you can talk as he/she is your friend, who is stranded in an European airport.  thanks to Olivia, I am not out-dated.
trivia 8: i got a small cut in my mouth: every time I smile it hurts like the little mermaid waking with her newly born feet on the knives.


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