CRanky crANky cranKY

do i have to remember every single japanese name that pops up in front of me? i guess so.
i was asked by the host of tomorrow’s dinner to bring some food for dinner. wtf? i don’t even know the difference between a zucchini and a cucumber? i am also freaking out for that dinner, what do i dress when you cannot dress casual, or formal? and what did i speak, in what language about what? god i just hate socializing with people.
why did they mis-deliver my Amazon book?
and why, my supposed-to-be best friend, just took off to LA without even bother to telling me at all?
oh, yes i am so unhappy about those papers written by those ivy-league kids.  for god’s sake you are american, english is your mother tongue, so why you came up with shitty ideas, grammar mistakes and non-sense sentences like "a representation of combination of art and religion in Buddhism." how did you know that!!!  god, write like an English native speaker and a rational creature.
and why, have i to do that stupid "rakugo" performance? i don’t find those clips funny at all.
the recent movies, are boring. especially the "do you know the morgans" god that’s so bad.
i am tired of reading those articles reviewing the tokugawa thoughts, economy, sound like authoritative, authentic, but you are just tedious, sorry my honey, just shut up.

About GloriaYuYANG

art historian, writer, a dog person, NYC-resident (not new yorker), a ph.d student of Japanese art and architecture,


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