BDay Surprises (time order)

No. 1 雪后天晴。
No. 2 中午意外地接到老师的电话,开心到极点,抓着电话拼命讲,讲有的没的,抱怨德语好难。
No.3 晚上师姐领我出去吃饭,和她聊天。
No.4 7点左右发了封邮件:问有无人想出去喝生日酒。结果9点钟的时候呼呼啦啦聚起所有的Rosandees八九人。我非常热爱Rosandees,因为他们geniunly nice and normal, fun. NO dark sides, NO cynical, NO nerdy. 我可能性子上更属于另一群体,但是我喜欢在我希望成为的人身边。BE NICE TO PEOPLE at the age of 26.
No.5 第二天(12th)门口一张邮单,跑到邮局领到Subin寄来的生日包裹。life is so sweet because of her and she remembered.


About GloriaYuYANG

art historian, writer, Ph.D. of Japanese art and architecture,

2 Responses to BDay Surprises (time order)

  1. Lin说道:

    … i said Happy BD 2 days before and also said that on your blog… not acknowledged … haha just kidding. Glad you had fun and were surrounded by friends!! Have a wonderful amazing fabulous year!

  2. Shengwen说道:



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