soro soro owari, japan

tomorrow I am going back home, i mean, my real home, where i will have chinese food.
the kyoto program was amazing, in some way.
my stay at kyoto after the program was also amazing, because of lovely people I met.
I love Kyoto women, they are so elegant. 
my trip in tokyo did not start smoothly.  I got a lot of lessons and I found out actually I could tolerate pretty well.  the worst day was Wed. when I literally only had 6 dollars of cash in my pocket. 
the best part always has to come after the worst part.  things started to change since the Wed. night. 
it all depended on the people you hang out with.  in the sun afternoon, when Kathy and I walked through a fabulous graveyard to roppongi under the same fabulous sky of tokyo talking about random things and laughing randomly, I felt happiness, simple, purely happiness.  The new exhibition of Ai wei wei in the mori museum was AWESOME!
i will write about the week i stayed in kyoto or tokyo, in english or chinese, without mentioning all the unpleasant things but emphasizing all the awesome people I have met, all the awesome places I have been to, all the awesome things I have done.
and today i arrived in osaka, which is totally another story with the other two places…..
tomorrow home.


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2 Responses to soro soro owari, japan

  1. Shengwen说道:

    Dear, wish you a good journey to home. Looking forward ur blogs abt all those "awesome" !

  2. XIAONING说道:



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