before go to bed

Notes on the connection between Tono Monogatari & On Collective Memory

what is the relationship between memory and history
the example of Tono, isolated, random happenings, and uncertain and forever fear, different logical framework. violence, randomly kinship murder, despair, no cause & effect, no resolution, no historical development, the past, present and future mixing together.
Yanagita’s concerns with the homogenized, unified national history which will destroy different narratives,

Memory relates to experience, and anti-historical,
Nation v.s Society, until fully integrated,
what about the social framework, the dream, and the family

Tomorrow Agenda: See Doctor, go to talk, mail the letters, write to Prof. Iceberg, write Tanizaki’s proposal (has to finish), check out the book in Starr
Tomorrow’s extra credit: try to work on the paper for Architecture, preliminary research, work-out


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art historian, writer, a dog person, NYC-resident (not new yorker), a ph.d student of Japanese art and architecture,


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