love, money and lie

我非常了解为何art historians都嫁富家门或是出来就去博物馆。本来学的就是奢侈的东西,如何过贫穷的生活。


About GloriaYuYANG

art historian, writer, Ph.D. of Japanese art and architecture,

2 Responses to love, money and lie

  1. Lin说道:

    well, look back 10 years or 5 years even, could you have foreseen what you are doing currently? life take turns when least expected. so relax. all will work the way, i might not be able to go to Singapore after all because i don’t have a valid visa to come back here. remember this may you were freaking out about visa for Japan? i’m like that, only less crazyi’ll try but if i can’t go i can’t goman i wish visas don’t exist. i’d rather have computer chips planted in my arm so that i don’t need to deal with all the visa crap 

  2. Shengwen说道:



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