Sketch The 7th Day, Aizu, typed with other computer

Today I finally got out of the Sendai, heading to the west, the Yamadera (The temple in the mountain). It was extremely hot and humid; I felt like a camel, carrying heavy luggage and buring out energy. I was thinking of taking the Shinkasen to Tokyo and dropping the extra luggage, I mean the retarded-tyan, at Zhanglei’s place. Probably tomorrow if I can get contact with him. I have decided my place to stay in Kyoto and Tokyo. Tomorrow I am heading to Nikko, the place I should have but not yet done the homework.

The Yamadera is a place where monks built Buddhist temples and trained (again, this is not the right word, but i forgot the damn right one) themselves to achieve the ultimate enlightment. So inside the cliff there are many caves and boards read; many monks fell down and died, do not climb. It is also the place for where the famous Haku poet Basyo wrote the famous sentence; he heard the tranquil sound when a frog jumped into the well. All the way up I kept thinking that if China, not been destroyed or pollutated, should have so much attracting sightviews among those mountains and rivers.

By the way, I figured out that I was recovering, that after climbing the thousands of steps, I was still genki, while most people were really dame no kanji. Today I stayed at Aizuno YH, when I got there it was already totally dark, I mean, totally. Then I went to see the Hottaru, again, the lighting creature I forgot the english name. I got a letter from Brianne yesterday, a long letter. I miss her. I miss Pittsburgh, a lot. I miss home. The more I write, the more I feel like a retarded. Simple sentence, inaccurate words, and worst of all, I lost the sense of English writing when I still get two long academic paper to finish in two weeks. zya, mada


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